Human Givens Therapist (UKCP Accredited)


Are you anxious, depressed or feeling ‘stuck’? Perhaps you are struggling to move on from difficult experiences, feel overwhelmed or in constant pain. You may just want to find a calm space to untangle your thoughts. I use a wide range of tried and tested counselling and meditative techniques to help you feel more calm and hopeful from the first session.

Good therapy helps you move past problems and meet your emotional and practical needs.

We often have competing voices in our head – some led by our rational, thinking self, others by powerful emotions. When life gets difficult, emotion can overwhelm us and block our ability to problem solve. Think of therapy as ‘borrowing someone’s brain’ for a while to help you step outside your thoughts and feelings and see things from another perspective.

Therapists trained in the Human Givens approach focus on what is preventing a distressed person from getting their emotional and practical needs met. We use a variety of up to date psychological techniques, focussed on problem solving and developing new life skills. One important tool is the Emotional Needs Audit, which is a short questionnaire containing ten key areas for emotional health. Why not take a look at this for yourself to see how well your needs are being met? This is a great start to assessing where your life might be improved and is the framework for the conversations we will have.

Our work together can help you to:

Feel better quickly

You should feel more relaxed and positive after every session. Although I will need to know something about your past to understand your present, our work will always be about the future and how to get you up and running again as quickly as possible. Our professional protocol requires us to bring about change in as few sessions as needed. Research published by the British Psychological Society concluded that Human Givens therapy is “highly effective’ and that three out of four Human Givens clients were ‘either symptom free or reliably changed after an average of 4-6 sessions.’

Training and qualifications

As well as being a member of the Human Givens Institute I am also fully accredited with the UK Council of Psychotherapy. I originally trained with National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. I have a special interest in gut-directed psychotherapy, chronic pain management, trauma and healthy eating as well as the use of hypnosis for childbirth (‘hypno-birthing’). I have worked directly with victims of domestic, workplace and sexual abuse.


All in person sessions last one hour and are charged at £90.00. Online sessions are £75.00. I am a registered Provider with Aviva, AXA and WPA.