Family therapy & Systemic Practice

Family and systemic psychotherapy values the idea that there is not one person, problem, illness or situation that is to blame for difficulties within families or relationships. As well as the uniqueness of family definition to us all. Often families operate with unspoken beliefs, historical and hierarchical structures and unique narratives. Family therapy looks respectfully at what is working within a family structure and relational strengths, as well as patterns of behaviour that are causing distress or difficulty currently. Your therapist will sit alongside you and whichever family members are involved in/with the difficulties to listen to all members. They will reflect their understanding before identifying areas for change offering strategies to support this process.

How It Works?

Family and systemic psychotherapy is grounded in the fundamental belief that no single individual, problem, illness, or circumstance is solely responsible for the difficulties experienced within families or relationships. It recognizes the unique nature of how each family defines itself. Often, families operate with unspoken beliefs, complex historical and hierarchical structures, and distinctive narratives. In the context of family therapy, the therapist adopts a respectful and inclusive approach, acknowledging both the strengths of the family structure and relationships and the patterns of behavior that may be causing distress or difficulty at the present moment.

The therapist’s role is to work alongside the individuals within the family system, engaging with all members involved in or affected by the difficulties. Their primary focus is on actively listening to all members, offering a non-judgmental and empathetic space for each individual’s voice to be heard. Through this process, the therapist seeks to gain a comprehensive understanding of the family’s dynamics, strengths, and areas requiring change. With this understanding, the therapist collaborates with the family to identify strategies and interventions that can support the process of positive change and healing.

Who Requires It

Family and systemic psychotherapy is valuable for individuals and families facing a spectrum of challenges and complexities, including:

  • Communication difficulties within the family
  • Marital or relationship conflicts
  • Parent-child relationship challenges
  • Coping with grief, loss, or trauma within the family
  • Emotional and behavioral challenges within the family
  • Issues related to addiction or substance abuse
  • Coping with changes in family dynamics (e.g., divorce or blended families)
  • Adolescent or child behavioral issues
  • Coping with mental health issues within the family
  • Cultural or identity-related challenges within the family

This therapeutic approach caters to the unique dynamics of each family system, providing a space for exploration, understanding, and healing. Family and systemic therapists are dedicated to approaching these challenges with empathy and expertise, working collaboratively with families to foster positive change and build stronger, healthier relationships.

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