Integrative Counsellor & Systemic Family Practitioner (MBACP)

E-mail: KAB-counselling@protonmail.com

About Me

I’m an integrative therapist that uses my sensitivity to adapt my approach in line with the needs of my client, whilst adhering to the professional and moral boundaries of the BACP Ethical Framework.

I have provided professional support to adults with disabilities, long and short term psychotherapy to adults and currently work for a counselling service providing systemic therapy to young people and their families, as well as my private practice as a Counsellor in Hackney.

I have previously worked with children and young people: providing one-to-one therapeutic counselling as well as facilitating group art-based interventions and now working with children and their families. I enjoy the opportunity to be able to interact with a range of young people with varying abilities and needs, especially utilising play and art-based techniques.

I use person-centred conditions to build trusting professional relationships in a genuine way. I respect and value that we each have unique and varied ways we communicate and make sense of the world, and these can change and fluctuate. I use my natural perception and creativity to attend to what is able to be said, as what isn’t.

I use the nuances of relational work to help the client explore more deeply. Adhering to psychodynamic theory, I believe that our past plays a key part in how we interact and negotiate the world in the present. I am attuned to help clients make these connections between their inner and outer worlds that can support them to better understand themselves, their reactions and behaviours when moving forward.

Work is led at the client’s pace, gently nudged and challenged when needed, to support clients in making any changes they have outlined.

The relationships built between myself and my clients are key. I will check in regularly to ensure work remains relevant and useful. This is particularly relevant at present when we are having to be flexible and often work in surroundings that are changeable or nearby others at home.

I am able to offer sessions in-person or online (on Zoom).

I am currently accepting new referrals to work with: individuals, adults & young people.