Stress & Feeling Overwhelmed

A build up of stress, pressure, worry or responsibility can have an enormous effect on physical and psychological health. Day-to-day pressures of life, big life events and change can accumulate overwhelming feelings. Our therapists are seeing an increase in referrals for personal and professional burnout. Adapting to life pressures after the lockdown and pandemic has increased stressors on top of loss and disruption. Even low-level stress over a prolonged period of time can have damaging effects on the body such as: sleep problems, digestive issues, chronic illness, heart problems and reduction in immune health system. Emotionally, you may feel overwhelmed, angry, dissociated or numb. Our therapists can provide space to reduce pace, increase emotional safety to understand what is underpinning your feelings. Together with your therapist you might identify ways to manage stress, express some of the intensity of emotion or make changes to your life.

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