Parenting & Step Parenting Issues

We respect the uniqueness of family, whatever form that takes for you. If you are finding your role within your family or family of origin difficult, a therapist can help you make sense of patterns, narratives and beliefs around you and healthy techniques to take into relationships. If you are a parent to children or step-children we can help you explore the complexity of blended family systems and strategies to help you cope.

How ıt works

Let's plan your therapy

Look through the list of available therapists to find who interests you. You can read about their background and methodology. Please check FAQs for more information.


You can contact the therapist directly. Before scheduling an initial consultation, you are invited to contact any of our therapists by phone or email for an informal discussion.


You can use our help me find a therapist form to contact us directly. We'll locate you two to three therapists.