Anxiety & Panic Attacks

The impact of anxiety symptoms can be impactful on our body as well as our mind. Perhaps you are experiencing physical feelings: nausea, shaking, heart palpitations, digestive issues, blushing, sweating, cold shivers, dry mouth, pins and needles in your limbs, excessive energy, feeling frozen/unable to move or experiencing mind blanks. And this is not an exhaustive list: there are many more and the impact on our thoughts and behaviour can be exhausting. You may find you have developed coping strategies to deal with feelings of anxiety, (such as avoiding certain places, things or activities) that may be limiting you and preventing personal growth. Or, you may be experiencing chronic illness or fatigue through periods of heightened anxiety. Therapy can support you to gradually externalise and take control over anxious thoughts and look to change unhealthy behaviours in order to move forward.

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